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"I have been training with Tian for quite a few years now and every workout is still a challenge. This is exactly why I love training with Aspire. It's not just a workout for your body but also your mind. Surely my physique and fitness level have improved so much over the years and I have gained a lot of knowledge on exercise and techniques through training. What amazes me the most is that my mentality also grew a lot stronger too. Training with Aspire is a life changing experience for me and I highly recommend it for you to try it out." - Jimmy


"More importantly than it being a hard work out (which it definitely is), training at Aspire is a lot of fun! Tian's high expectations for you and his encouragement leaves you feeling as though you have achieved after every session. Tian is very dedicated to teaching technique which makes you realise just how important it is and what you can achieve when you get it right. I can honestly say that I look forward to every training session." - Leah

"I often wonder what makes someone successful in business & in life. Is it a natural talent or learned skill. In Tian's case it's a combination of both.

He is a natural leader. He has the ability to guide you toward a long term goal by breaking the journey into manageable parts. He emphasises patience and consistency as a path to sustainable success. He is able to focus your energy on where you will gain the greatest return.

He has worked hard to study the effects of strength & conditioning. Both intellectually (tertiary qualified) & practically. He has the ability to take theory & translate it into practice. In particular by exploring various ways of making an individual understand a certain training concept. Tian realises that not everyone learns the same way. The key is discovering what works for his clients individually.

Tian is strategic in his approach and executes every training session with meaning. He gives 100% undivided attention to each client's needs and he strives to determine every client's requirements. It could be said he views your weaknesses as a strength waiting to happen.

It is no accident that Tian has more success stories then most. Tian is not a trainer but a coach. If you are committed to your health he will match that commitment with even more determination. It has been my experience that Tian will never give up on you, in fact he has on numerous occasions brought me back to my goals, kept me on track with renewed enthusiasm when needed most." - Lynda

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